Advantages of Plaster of Paris.

Gradual Setting

Gradual Setting Time makes its work ability easy & thus easier faster to apply.

More Volume & Coverage

Normally 1kg. of J.B.Plaster covers ± 2.4 Sq. ft. area. ( If applied 2-3 mm on plain smooth wall.)

Transverse Strenth

J.B. Plaster has a good transverse strength of approx. 6-7kg/ sq cm. Thus more life on the wall surface and it is also scrub resistant.

No Cracking & Shrinkage

Being incorporated with finest & purest Gypsum there are no chances of cracking & Shrinkage.

Easy to Apply

It can be applied on interior walls & ceiling protecting your expensive paint to erode.


It is available in 2kg, 20kg,& 25kg. laminated bags having Batch No. Date & Year. of Mfg.


•   It should be stored in dry palce protected from moisture . The product should be used within six months of mfg. date.

•   As a thumb rule first in first out stock management is advisable.

Why J.B. Plaster