Brif Introduction of Plaster of Paris.

Plaster of Paris is also known as plaster, a building material having, numerous application in arts, medicines & interior, decoration of household, to inctrease the fire resistance of a structure. It is applied as coating over other construction materials like wood, cement, metals & even fibers.

It is also used by artist for making sculptures.

It is also used for making moulds & casting which can even withstand high temperatures.

It is also used for medicinal purposes.

More over used as evidence in forensic science for making moulds of foot prints because the plaster does not shrink as it dries.

POP is available in the stores in the form of powder or bandages.

Why J.B. Plaster

  • J.B. Plaster is made from hemihydrate Calcium Sulphate to which no additives are added. It is manufactured in an automatic rotatory drum under controlled temperature.