How to use J.B. Plaster.

Do not use hook while loading / unloading of the bags.
After taking out plaster from the bag close the bag to avoid contact with moisture.
Always ensure that wet hands are not used to pick the plaster.
Before appling on the wall, the surface should be cleaned with water.
To make fine plaster, thorough mixing of Plaster is done to make it free from lumps before use.
Apply 2nd coat of plaster only after the first coat sets on the wall.
Always mix plaster powder in the water not water in the plaster .

How to make a paste & its application.

To make a paste add desired quantity of (POP) in water. Ratio of water & POP is 100gms of POP in 65ml of water.
Mix it thoroughly by the help of mechanical stirrer or by hand to get a homogenous paste.
Moisten the surface of cement plaster with water to remove the dust.
Let it rest for 2 - 4 minutes.
Mix again gently until the paste is thick enough to be applied .
Now apply the paste on the desired surface .

Why J.B. Plaster

  • J.B. Plaster is made from hemihydrate Calcium Sulphate to which no additives are added. It is manufactured in an automatic rotatory drum under controlled temperature.